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How much does Google AdWords cost?

For businesses trying it for the first time, how much does Google AdWords cost? How do you calculate it and how much should you allocate for it? 

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Eduardo Forti

Eduardo Forti

Hello Grace,

Everything it's going to depend on the ad budget you currently have. For testing, I highly suggest you to start within $500 and $1000 per month since you'll need to test a lot of keywords related to your audience, once you find them it will be time for scaling.

I hope it helps.


Ben Adams

Ben Adams Co-Founder at

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Getting started in Adwords need not be expensive, but it really depends on the value you place on each click to your site. 

The average cost per click can be less than one dollar for a genuine click through but it can scale up to exceed $30 - $50 depending on your industry. We reccomend starting small to test ad placements and targeting. Then scale up to an affordable budget once you're confident you're getting the click through rates you need. 


Daniella Pozzolungo

Daniella Pozzolungo Digital Marketing Strategist at

It really depends on your industry as well as how big of an audience you want to target.  The mimimum I would invest is $20-$30/day, for a search network campaign, however with that you want to make sure you are generating enough relevant clicks and traffic to your site (at least 5 clicks a day).  If your budget is limited, you could also try to narrow down your geographic target, OR reduce the number of keywords so you get more data on each one. Better to allocate more budget to small number of keywords, than spread your budget so thin on heaps of keywords.  Adwords is all about the data, so you can make better decisions the more you have.  Have 100 clicks on one keyword is better than having 1 click on 100 keywords as you'll be better able to make a call on whether it's working for you.  Hope this helps and feel free to PM me to discuss further :)