Maria Harutyunyan
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Asked this question on 4/5/18 -Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How much does SEO cost in Australia?

I was wondering what SEO tactics you use for your services? How much does SEO cost in Australia in general?

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Mary Grace Macatangay

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Hi Maria! It really depends on who you’re trusting with your SEO. There is no such thing as a general SEO cost in Australia. You can get cheap services with really no big results - for what it’s worth, that’s expected.But if you get a reputable company to take care of your onsite and offsite SEO, you have to be prepared to pay well within the range of thousands of dollars. SEO is indeed a very timely and difficult process requiring a good investment. That’s why I wouldn’t suggest going with cheaper options unless you are sure of their capabilities.  

Eduardo Forti

Eduardo Forti

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Hello Maria,

As Grace told you, you'll have to look for a great SEO expert who's going to be able to provide you a great result. Keep in mind, investing in SEO isn't cheap, but it's a great long-term investment. Prices vary between $1000 and $8000. I hope it helps!

Chelsea Creamer

@Eduardo, Great reply!

Meng Lin

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As someone in the industry, I've seen prices ranging from $150-$20,000 a month. 
What you're really paying for is intellectual property and risk management, a great provider of SEO will be able to break down your needs from an organic traffic standpoint, then devise and implement a strategy that achieves those goals.

Any freelancer/agency that wants to charge any more than a $1,000/month needs to be able to interpret analytics data and present it in a meaningful way to show where the ROI is on SEO. 

Any freelancer/agency that wants to charge more than $8,000/month needs a team or the skillset that encompasses content (including site architecture and creating optimised content for your website), linkbuilding (with a strategic plan for how many links they will build and transparency on how they do it), as well as technical optimisation (including XML sitemaps, reading server logs, schema implementation, etc.).

Hope that answer helps!

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster Owner at Power of Words

It is better to invest in keyword-researched content and persuasive copy, adding the relevant backlinks and local citations / Search Console after that is set up. However, page speed is important, so get that optimised first. That is a small cost. SEO Copywriting costs about $700 - $1200 for a six page services site. 

Elliot Dean

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