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What are the average SEO prices in Australia?

Can anyone tell me how much SEO costs in Australia on average? What are the typical factors involved with SEO pricing?

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Mary Grace Macatangay

Mary Grace Macatangay, Influencer Relationship Manager at SavvySME

Hi Maria! It really depends on who you’re trusting with your SEO. There is no such thing as a general SEO cost in Australia. You can get cheap services with really no big results - for what it’s worth, that’s expected.But if you get a reputable company to take care of your onsite and offsite SEO, you have to be prepared to pay well within the range of thousands of dollars. SEO is indeed a very timely and difficult process requiring a good investment. That’s why I wouldn’t suggest going with cheaper options unless you are sure of their capabilities.  

Eduardo Forti

Eduardo Forti at Eduardo Forti

Hello Maria,

As Grace told you, you'll have to look for a great SEO expert who's going to be able to provide you a great result. Keep in mind, investing in SEO isn't cheap, but it's a great long-term investment. SEO prices tend to vary between $1000 and $8000. I hope it helps!

Chelsea Creamer

Chelsea Creamer, Manager at SavvySME

@Eduardo, Great reply!

Meng Lin

Meng Lin, Co-founder at

As someone in the industry, I've seen prices ranging from $150-$20,000 a month. 
What you're really paying for is intellectual property and risk management, a great provider of SEO will be able to break down your needs from an organic traffic standpoint, then devise and implement a strategy that achieves those goals.

Any freelancer/agency that wants to charge any more than a $1,000/month needs to be able to interpret analytics data and present it in a meaningful way to show where the ROI is on SEO. 

Any freelancer/agency that wants to charge more than $8,000/month needs a team or the skillset that encompasses content (including site architecture and creating optimised content for your website), linkbuilding (with a strategic plan for how many links they will build and transparency on how they do it), as well as technical optimisation (including XML sitemaps, reading server logs, schema implementation, etc.).

Hope that answer helps!

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster, Owner at

It is better to invest in keyword-researched content and persuasive copy, adding the relevant backlinks and local citations / Search Console after that is set up. However, page speed is important, so get that optimised first. That is a small cost. SEO Copywriting costs about $700 - $1200 for a six page services site. 

Kim Dawson

Kim Dawson, Founder at Savvy Aussie Tradies

I believe the main investment in SEO should be made initially as a large project consisting of keyword research, a website audit, keyword mapping, technical changes and guidance, meta data and content changes.
Once this is all up to speed the ongoing month to month cost should be low in comparison. This is where I think businesses can get ripped off. Many agencies will charge a large ongoing retainer but in reality, it would be difficult for them to justify this cost and prove they actually do enough work month to month for it to be worthwhile. 
The results you get from the initial project will continue to bring results. This is the part you need to pay for and get right.
The cost depends on the size of the website and what can realistically be achieved. If you're constrained by the limitations of a WIX site with a 5 page website then getting all the SEO up to scratch for $1000 isn't crazy. But if you are a big website with a custom CMS and can aim to get everything perfect then it would be upwards of $5k for sure.

Jim Moustakas

Jim Moustakas at

SEO costs always depends on the effort that your provider puts into your SEO. 
My suggestion is that you look at quality providers as bad SEO techniques can really work out badly for you. 
Look at the following when you make a decision;
- On page optimising of your website
- Ensure that your provider really understands your business as they will be adding content onto your page and if they have no idea what they are writting about, your website can quickly become a whole lot of rubbish. Remember that at the end of the day people are looking at your website and deciding whether they want to use your products or services. 
- Quality articles are a must and less is more. Write a quality article regulalrly that contains a 2000-3000 words at least, information that people will want to read and take awayfrom your site not rubbish that nobody is interested. Remember that you may be abale to creat an article that ranks No1 on google, but at the end of it all a person will read it and if it is useless they will just close the page. So your efforts are a complete waist of time. 
- Allot of so called SEO experts think that they have cracked a milestone by stuffing a whole lot of keywords into a crappy article that gets onto page 1 and say to you "look I got you onto page 1" woow thanks, now all these thousands of people that read your article think your stupid. Good Job SEO person!
- I cant stress enough how important it is to produce good content that people will watch or read. 
- Make sure your SEO person provides you with quality back links. You should partner with other companies, government agencies or NFP's and try to get back links this way, not just random websites and directories that offer an easy back link solution. 
- A quality SEO stratergy requires many hours of work every week, the more work you put into it the better the results. 
- Remember google is a massive business, and it has no intention in helping people that re trying to trick the system to get on to page 1. Everyone in your industry wants position 1 on google. It all comes down to who spends more time and effort in producing quality content for googles visitors. 

To answer your question on how much it will cost. The answer is:
If your to busy or to lazy to put the effort into doing the hard work, you need to employ someone to do it for you, this will cost money. The more time they spend the more it will cost you. My personal Opinion is you should be spending at least 15 hours on yoiur SEO efforts. Depending where the SEO expert is located you can find quality people in countries like India for $20 - $50 per hour or you can find Quality people in the US, UK or AU for $100 - $200 per hour. 
Dont think that if an SEO person is located in india the work will be inferior. This is not true if you have hear this, I know some very good SEO pros in india that I have previously worked with. You need to do your research and spend time in finding the right person. I will say however, you can get some very bad SEO people everywhere, the country does not define the passion someone has for the work they do. 
Here in Australia, my personal opinion is that you should be spending approximately $3000 per month for a quality SEO solution. You can reduce this cost by doing some of the work yourself, you need to speak to an expert and come to a solution that can work and then commit to it.

Good luck!

Elliot Dean

Elliot Dean, Owner at Temerity Digital

I wrote an article on this very recently. Feel free to check it out

Tim Stokes

Tim Stokes, Managing Director at Profit Transformations

Having mentored hundreds of businesses on marketing I ask each one of them if they are paying or have paid for SEO services. The range of SEO pricing can be between $700 to $2500/month for a lock-in contract of 12 months.

I provide 1 on 1 training and mentoring on SEO for 1 to 3 months. This saves the business around 80% or more of their usual cost. I'm been learning SEO for 18 years when I met someone who could rank a site at number 1, 2 or 3 (3 received more sales) way back in 2002. 

SEO service providers like to say everything changes with SEO however some things haven't and won't and by understanding what aspects have changed and why some won't it helps to understand SEO.

SEO can be extremely technical, however any business owner can save a fortune if they are prepared to go through a couple of months of learning part-time and then do SEO themselves a few minutes per month. One of the things to learn is how to track results with SEO and Google Search Console is the tool to do so. It will show changes/improvements in a week so that way you can verify with facts what is working for you. That way you aren't blindly trusting someone for numerous months before you see results.

Where I see a lot lacking is on-page SEO. 95% of SEO providers are poor in this one area due to limited copywriting skills. 

As an example, a client who was paying $2,500/month for SEO, after 6 months there was no improvement in their Search Console figures (which only show organic search traffic results). 

After a few weeks they saw over 20% jump in traffic to their website and over a couple of months it was up over 40% - shown by Search Console. 

Most websites are built by better programmers than marketers and usually hinder SEO results. One fact I'll share with you is that each web page needs to have over 400 words and ideally 700 words on it. That one ingredient, if implemented with pages with say 200 or 300 words, will increase traffic to it, seen in Search Console. 

Writing great copy overcomes the 'boring' aspect of the extra words.

If you're considering SEO consider engaging someone who will educate you on SEO and do it with you so you learn it and see the facts about what's working and what's not. It's exciting to see improvements in figures for a website in a couple of weeks. Results don't need to take months with you taking all the risk. One to three months of education is all you need to do it yourself. Or with an education, you can outsource some of the work but more wisely and with much less cost.

Mark Reisinger

Mark Reisinger, Owner at

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We follow the philospohy that SEO shouldn't be looked at as a singular service. We believe that what clients are really looking for is leads and sales, rather than straight out traffic.

For example, you can be doing all the right things in optimising your website, but if the searcher clicks the link and the page is slow to load or doesn't have a conversion strategy in place, then you are at least partially wasting your SEO efforts.

The question of what SEO costs could therefore be worded "How much does it cost to acquire a new customer?". Then you are tying efforts into results which may include a combination of Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Social Media Conversion.      

Here's a quick tactic that can help in some of those areas and leverage impact:

Create a video article on a help topic related to your product or service. Upload your video to YouTube and optimise for keywords. Then you can embed your YouTube video into your webpage as a video/blog article.  Here's the twist...Next, have your video transcribed into text and add the transcription below the video. Share the article on social media.

This give you a three-punch effect to your video - YouTube visibility, keywords on your website and useful content for your social media.         



The cost completly depends upon the details and requirements of the projects. There can be a range of price in service such as 100 dollar to 10000 dolloar depending upon the project size.
Here you can find best packages for SEO.

Jvalin Sonawala

Jvalin Sonawala, Owner at

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Hi Maria, 

SEO costs vary depends on your requirement - how many keywords are required for the business, backlinks required, does the business need local or international SEO, on-off page SEO etc. There can never be a general price. It's an on-going process as getting on page 1 takes time.  

You can get more info about SEO at:

Smyle Lee

Smyle Lee, CTO at Bran New Pty Ltd

I think it is depends. It can't say easily without a scope 

Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

Thanks for your answer @Smyle Lee . Is each scope individually priced or is there a price range you usually work between?

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