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How would drone delivery help your small business, if at all?

Are drone services practical and useful for your small business?  What are the roadblocks and issues that can arise?


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Aishah Mustapha

Aishah Mustapha Community Manager at

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I think yes, absolutely – if the price point is right. It’s handy for small businesses with small packages. For bigger packages, maybe we can expect driverless cars to deliver in the future?
But, of course, we need to look at issues such as privacy regulations, air traffic control for drones, potential risks of hijacking and impact to wildlife and animals, for it to go mainstream too. These are all kinks which need to be ironed out. In the long run, it would certainly help small businesses, if the price is right.

Marcus Tjen

Marcus Tjen Owner at

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From a delivery point of view, using drone for delivery will provide better security so that you don't have to be home to receive the delivery.  Currently you need to be at home or office to sign for delivery of parcels because leaving parcels in front of the house or unit is not safe as it can get taken or stolen by other people but if drone is delivering the parcel, the drone operator can leave the parcel in a more secure location such as the backyard of the house, or in the balcony in a case of apartment.  This would save time for everyone involved in the process of delivery.  No driving to post office or depot for the receiver and no repeat delivery for the courier.