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How much does it cost to outsource social media marketing?

How much does it cost to outsources social media marketing, whether on full, partial, monthly or yearly basis?

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Kathie Thomas

Kathie Thomas, Owner at

I don't outsource mine but do provide this service for clients. The rate very much depends on what each client wants done. Some want just a couple of posts done a week on perhaps 1-3 social media platforms. Others need more often and more dedicated things done, likes, comments, and so on.

And when it comes to LinkedIn it's another thing altogether, sourcing possible people to connect with, sending connection requests, responding to messages and notifying the client when they need to jump in and get involved.

So, as you might see, it is more like a 'how long is a piece of string?' type question. It totally depends on what you want done, how much you want done, how often you want it done and on how many platforms. My own starting price is at $300AUD on a monthly basis - this is for low amount of activity.

Anne Clark

Anne Clark, Project Manager + Coach at Anne C Clark

I would say that if you are struggling to keep on top of it and it's not your area of expertise, then yes you should consider outsourcing it. Comparing your hourly rate doing a minimal task against that of hiring someone to do it whilst you focus on your genius zone. 

Alternatively, look at batching and prescheduling your content. You can do most o fyour content in a couple of hours for a whole month. Once you know your theme and items. 

I offer social media support to businesses and would be happy to chat to you about your options and potential costs.  


Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

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I reckon there are at least 2 factors to consider here. The first is obvious - it depends on the level of social media marketing experience and skills you need, as well as your specific requirements. But that said, costs can vary a lot depending on the type and the location of business you are outsourcing to.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at outsourcing social media account management for 1-2 channels covering tasks such as content creation, regular posting, replying messages, engaging with followers, housekeeping and may include the odd task of managing ads now and then.

  1. Freelance social media manager or expert might start from a few hundred dollars a month.
  2. Small businesses with a few employees may also start from $300 - $500 a month.
  3. Boutique agencies specialising in social media may start from $800 a month.
  4. Full-service marketing agencies that cover every type of marketing will start from $1000 a month up to tens of thousands.

The more social media channels to manage, the higher the cost.
While there is an option to outsource overseas, where it’s cheaper, personally I think hiring local based businesses are better in the long run, if your business is mostly local. Social media is a platform where content needs to be current, fresh and personal, for you to be relevant and interesting to follow. Your social media profiles should not only consider the type of fans, but their location.
Hiring Australian social media experts mean you will get people who understand the local lingo, culture, traditions, holidays, current issues, economy and political landscape. It helps tremendously with creating interesting content, starting exciting discussions, piquing people’s interest and generating loyal fans. You just don’t get this from hiring overseas.

Hope this helps.

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