Do you care about what do your kids do in the cloud?

So you are a business owner and parent. You spend your day with your online store and handling customers. You are on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, name it. So what do your kids do on the cloud? Here is a very good and interesting article about "Kids in the Cloud" really worth a read,

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Thanks John for the interesting article link. Cloud computing is kind of new in this age but security is definitely one of my main concerns. However, the most we could do is hope that the cloud companies would hold our private information in good faith. If this can be done, i reckon cloud computing is the next step to unleash a higher potential of the internet

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I think kids would live in the cloud if they could. I know my brother spends a lot of time on Minecraft, YouTube and forums and communities centered around his interests.

His not allowed to have a Facebook account, which I think is a good idea.

His in Year 6 :)