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Can you get leads from Facebook without boosting posts or buying ads?

Has Facebook gotten too crowded and ineffective for small businesses? Nowadays, it seems the best way to get sales or leads is by putting in some money. What can small businesses do to gain some love organically?

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Cate Scolnik

Cate Scolnik, Chief Sanity Saver at

Yes you can, although it depends a bit on which business you're in.

I bring in regular business for a removalist in Canberra - I've been working with her for nearly 2 years. We post 3 times and week and have an organic outreach strategy in place, which is where most of her leads come from.

So, what's upstream from a removalist? Real estate agents. So once a week I comment (as the removalist) on a bunch of posts from real estate agents. I do this on about a dozen real estate pages, and every few months I change the agents so we're reaching new people.

This system works really well for tradesmen and cleaners and mortgage brokers, who also get a lot of business from real estate agents.

You can try it with any industry. Just reach out to businesses that are likely to refer you clients, or become clients, and are active on Facebook. Interact with them in a positive, friendly way, just as you would if you were networking.


Sonja Ceri

Sonja Ceri, CMO at


Yes, you can still get leads but it isn't nearly as easy as a paid campaign. You need to have a highly engaged audience who will share your content with their friends and have time up your sleeve to do implement and monitor. Or have really successful content other people will want to share with their friends driving traffic back to your page or website. Paid advertising does cost upfront but in the long run you can save your precious time as you can really target the people you want to see your ads who are likely to purchase from you and ensure your content will be seen.  

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