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How much does it cost to create a 30-second TV advertisement?

What is the price range to create a 30-second TV ad? Is it better to do it yourself or hire an advertising agency or marketing company?

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Phil Khor

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The cost to create a 30-second tv ad can be as low as a few thousand dollars or as high as in the millions.
It depends on what you’re creating.

A simple product shot with a voice over should be affordable for small businesses, provided you don’t use a superstar’s voice. But a TV ad with famous figures such as musicians and actors would obviously cost a hefty amount, not including paying for the shooting location, production crews, production sets, post-production, creatives, etc.

If you don’t have the experience and creativity, you can outsource the TV ad to an advertising or marketing agency. This is not only for the creative aspect, but technical and legal aspect. Your ad must be compliant with regulations and standards governing TV advertising (hyperlink:

The TV ad should adhere to specific technical standards, which may differ across various TV channels. It shouldn’t mislead the viewers, which means you can get in trouble if people complain about it. You’ll also need to be aware of rules on sex, violence, health and advertising to children.

Here’s a rough cost estimate of TV advertising (hyperlink: slots for your reference too.