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How can small businesses use affiliate marketing programs?

How can small businesses use affiliate marketing programs? Is it effective and which partners are the best to use?

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Beau Ushay

Beau Ushay, Owned Media & Marketing Specialist at

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to generate attention for your business. When used correctly, you are tapping into an audience who are already in market for a product or service you offer. A warm lead, if you will.

The question is, what would you pay for that lead? Even then, how qualified of a lead are they? There's no guarantee they'll actually buy from you. That's why Savvy SME's look to optimise their own assets and landing pages first, so that when you're ready to start spending money to attract people to your business, you're using those funds in the most efficient way possible. This will put your business in the best position to capitalise and convert that traffic into paying, loyal customers.