George Siosi Samuels
George Siosi Samuels Creative Director & Founder at Siosism

Do you use video in your online marketing?

Is video a key part of your marketing strategy? Why or why not? Have you seen an increase in engagement since using video?

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Peter Montgomery

Peter Montgomery, Founder / Host at

Hey George,

Video is pretty much ALL I do. For myself and my clients. You can't hide behind video. RE online: it's the best way to connect on an emotional level (where sales are made) with someone whether pre recorded or live streaming.

George Siosi Samuels

George Siosi Samuels, Creative Director & Founder at Siosism

Your videos are quite good Peter - I enjoy them!

Peter Montgomery

Peter Montgomery, Founder / Host at

thanks mate... glad to hear it.

James Norquay

James Norquay, SEO Director at

Video is a powerful asset to any digital strategy, the difference is many people do it well and many people don't do it well.

My advice is invest in some high quality video for your business, have some one who knows what they are doing edit it.

Upload it to all the key sites and not YouTube, put it on Daily Montion, Vimeo ect.

George Siosi Samuels

George Siosi Samuels, Creative Director & Founder at Siosism

Agree with you James, EXCEPT for not putting to Youtube. It totally depends on your market. If you're someone like Gary Vaynerchuck or Marie Forleo, would not make sense to skip Youtube. So shouldn't rule out channels just for the sake of it.

Lisa Creffield

Lisa Creffield, Founder at

Video is powerful but it can be expensive, so you need a clear reason and strategy for it.

Also, no video should be untranscribed. It costs just a few dollars for an (outsourced) transcription and you should always get one done, whether the video is an interview or a visual presentation of data.  Link to the transcription by the video, to give people the option of reading, just as the ABC does with its programming.

Reasons why:

  • many people prefer to read than watch
  • someone's internet connection might be slow (or expensive if they're on mobile data)
  • people often want to scan content quickly, or skip to a particular part, or re-read that part
  • more people than you realise have hearing difficulties
  • people may be in an office where watching video is frowned upon or even banned (believe it or not, there are still companies that block YouTube)

So always offer an alternative.  It's also easier for people, including media, to quote from a written transcript.

George Siosi Samuels

George Siosi Samuels, Creative Director & Founder at Siosism

Great advice Lisa (re: transcriptions). Wistia has pretty good automated functions for this, which also allows you to set markers within the video to skip ahead to chapters (to scan content quickly). I think it also depends what type of video we're talking about, in relation to costs. Are we talking about animated explainer videos, live interviews, corporate videos, etc.?

Cate Scolnik

Cate Scolnik, Chief Sanity Saver at

Anything in digital marketing has to come back to what you're trying to achieve.

Video is great but it won't make a difference unless you know how to use it. You can use it to position yourself an authority in your field or to help people get to know, like and trust you and your business.

You can use it to create a warm audience that you can then retarget with a strong call to action. 

BUT. You need to know how to create the right sort of video, at the right length, with the right messages, and on the right platforms.

YouTube videos can be longer, but Facebook videos need to be 30 seconds to 2 minutes max. Although you can have longer ones if you're using the video to weed out the really motivated buyers from the also-rans.

Personally, I use video to help people get to know, like and trust me. I use it for my clients to entertain and engage people, and get them to know, like and trust the business.

I also use for advertising, to build an audience I can retarget. The essential thing is to have a goal and create a strategy that will support that goal. Sometimes videos perfect for that, but there's always more than one way to skin a cat! ;-)

Geoff Crain

Geoff Crain at

Hi George, 

Yes, we use video in our online marketing initiatives. 

As we are a production and creative focused company, the best way to display our services is through video. 

We create sizzle reels of past work that highlight our process and output. 

Video is an effective way to present the quality of our work. 


Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

Thanks for your insight @Geoff Crain ! Do you think video can work for all small businesses?

Ava Tran

Ava Tran at CHIMI

Nope, it takes too much time and costs too much for a quality video.