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When do you need to do online advertising for a small business?

When does it become necessary to splash some money in online ads? Can brick and mortar businesses thrive without?

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Aishah Mustapha

Aishah Mustapha, Content Marketer at

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The straightforward answer would be when your target buyers or clients are buying or transacting online. This applies even if your business doesn’t buy or service online. The other part of the answer would be when you have the right strategy for your goals and budget. Don’t spend on online ads for the sake of doing online ads. You’ll end up wasting money, getting burnt and then incorrectly assume that online ads are not for your business.
First, you need to understand the different type of online advertising, how each platform works, the costs, audience’s demographics, and typical behaviour. It’s also advisable to see how your competitors or other businesses in the same industry are using online ads. And where you invest money will also depend on whether your business is local, national or global. The entire online advertising campaign must also be seamlessly integrated for the best customer experience. For example, where do your customers go after seeing your online ad? Where can they leave feedback and reviews?
Small businesses should definitely consider online advertising as it is a low-cost alternative when done right and it hits the right spot to where your potential buyers are at. If you’re lost or not making decent returns on investment, please consult an advertising or marketing expert. It will save you money and time.

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