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How can I use a personal virtual assistant to be more productive?

Do you use a personal virtual assistant? What tasks do you outsource to make your day more productive? What has been the cost-benefit so far?

Kathie Thomas

Kathie Thomas, Owner at

I'm responding as a long time VA who has seen the benefits that clients have experienced because of my own services, or that of my team members.

The important thing is to have some idea of what you need to have done and what you can confidently delegate to someone else. The biggest time waster for you and your VA is when you don't know what you want done. And this does happen a lot. Clients know they need help but often can't determine what to give over first.

Doing your own personal time and motion study can often help - documenting what you do each day for a week and asssessing what is important and needs to be done but isn't earning you direct income. It's these things that you can engage a VA for because, while they're working on those things, you can be doing things that are income producing.


Justine Garcia

Justine Garcia, Community Manager at

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Virtual assistants can be of great help. There are a lot of time consuming tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant so you can be more productive in other things specifically those in your expertise. You can also get some help from them by giving specific and clear instructions to help them work faster and better on your requests. VA can do various tasks depending on your needs and wants. Just make sure you pick the right VA that will be compatible with your personal/business needs.

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