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Is print advertising still worth the money?

As newspapers and magazine lose readers with some publications going bankrupt, should a small business consider doing print advertising? Would your money be better spent on online advertising?

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Aegean Zhang

Aegean Zhang, Marketing Manager at Yes Post

Well, I personally prefer print advertising not because I am into the same business, but I work for it because I got very good reviews from the people.  It has the ability to target readers effectively in the local criteria. Whether it is online or offline advertising, people just want to be inspired themselves, find interesting topics, and want to get genuine news. 

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

@Aegean Zhang - I agree that some people do like to read books and newspapers and magazines.  And its sad that some publications are closing down.  I myself,  can't remember the last time i bought a newspaper or magazine.  Everything i need is online. I spend most of my day at a computer so its easy to just open a tab, go to the news, skip through quickly to see what i want to see and then move on.  I do miss paging through a big old broadsheet on a Sunday but these are the times we live in when just about everything we want is a click away.  I would say money would be better invested in online advertising because these days it seems to have a broader reach.

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