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How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer?

What's the price range for building a mobile app for a small business? Are there extras or hidden costs that you need to account for?

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Sonam G

Sonam G, seo analyst at FuGenX Technologies

It completely depends on the company and level of requirement to develop an application.

Narine Poghosyan

Narine Poghosyan, Manager at

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Agree with Sonam

Depending on the experience, programming language, and requirements the App cost may differ. If you are okay with hiring a mid-level app developer the pricing starts at  $20 US dollars an hour.
In case you want a senior level developer their hourly rate is from $40-100+ US dollars... 
The average cost you for application development is $5000 US dollars... 

MetaDesign Solutions

MetaDesign Solutions, IT Services & Software Development Comapny at MetaDesign Solutions

Development Services start from $20 / HOUR
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Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Thanks for the connect @MetaDesign Solutions 

Allisha Martin

Allisha Martin

Hi, I am an Entrepreneur. I got developed a mobile app as per my business needs at affordable prices. 
The name of the company which developed me a mobile app is Fortunesoft IT Innovations.
Contact them now.

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Thanks for sharing @Allisha Martin 

Justine Garcia

Justine Garcia, Community Manager at

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As the others have discussed, there is no one-size-fits-all pricing model when it comes to mobile app development. Some of the key factors that affect the total cost of a mobile app development quote include:

  • The scope and scale of your app project 

  • The amount of strategy, planning and designing assistance you need. For example, you may have already mapped out your strategy and fleshed out parts of the app design, which could reduce the cost.

  • Your choice of platform

  • Whether you need cross-platform app development 

  • The complexity of application programming interface (API) required for your app

In regard to how much mobile app developers charge, there are different pricing structures to consider. Some developers may charge on a project basis, while others may bill you on an hourly basis.

On a project-basis, small businesses can expect to pay from $20,000 to develop a simple app in Australia. This could be significantly more depending on the complexity of the app.

The average cost to hire an app developer in Australia ranges between $50 to $175 per hour depending on experience. 

Maryna Bobrovskaya

Maryna Bobrovskaya

Cost to hire an app developer mainly depends on which option of hiring you choose (in-house, outsource, freelance), level of skills, developer's location, etc. Read this article to figure out how much does it cost to hire an app developer:

Smyle Lee

Smyle Lee, CTO at Bran New Pty Ltd

I think the answer is always 'Depends'

Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

What does it depend on?

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