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Where and how to do online advertising for free?

Where are the online places or platforms that you can promote your small business for free? Do you have any tips and tricks to get free advertising?

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Anne Clark

Anne Clark, Project Manager + Coach at

Top 20% Social Media

Your social media is your best free advertising platform, you just need to be where your target market is hanging out. You can also search free business directories and list your business on these. Additionally you have Google Business and local councils. Another great strategy is to look at collaborating with a business that has the same target market as you, but isn't your competitor. Do a 'giveaway' to build up momentum.  

Chad Kelly

Chad Kelly, Manager at

Social media certainly isn't free, Facebook in particular limit the amount of followers that your post goes to and will only show to more viewers if you boost the post, aka pay them.

Ava Tran

Ava Tran, at CHIMI

Yea.. All those things don't get you real business unless you pay for premium or ads

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Steven Dixon

Steven Dixon

Free online advertising is a good way to save money and also understand your target audience. I had my own small business, there was ... Unfortunately, a lot of money was spent on advertising, I tried different methods of promotion and all without result. For free advertising, social networks are perfect, where you can fill out a profile with your link.