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How to draft an ironclad contract when hiring a service provider?

Whether you are hiring a marketing agency, SEO company, accountant or IT company, what are your tips in drafting a contract that minimises risk, ensures a smooth working relationship and maximises your return on investment?

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Sonia King

Sonia King, Founder & Managing Consultant at

Top 10% Human Resources

When drafting a contract between yourself and a service provider you need to be very specific and detaild about what you are agreeing to and the deliverables. As well as who is responsible for what, and what will be the consequences of none delivery or poor performance. 
The language needs to be strictly legal in nature and not every day business speak. I highly recommend using a legal template and adjusting according to your business and the vendor/supplier. 
There are a few online tools you can use, but make sure they are for the Australian situation and not American or Brittish, because their judicial systems are different to ours.