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How much does a Facebook advertising campaign cost?

What is the average price range for a marketing company or digital marketing agency to build and execute a Facebook advertising campaign for a small business?

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Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard, Founder & Managing Director at sitecentre

Top 20% Advertising

Really great question! It comes down to a comple things. Who your target demographic is, what your overall goals are (sales, leads, traffic generation, likes, follows, branding and so on).

You'll find that most agencies will sign you up percent of advertising spend contract. This is common it normally ranges from 20-40% depending on budget. 

A good advertiser or agency will sitdown, nut out a story with the client, their goals, who their demographic is, provide plenty of ad copy variations and visual varations to A/B test then work on a results based payment. 

There isn't one right, or wrong answer for how much it costs though. It does say you're after a price range. I'd say it's $300-700 setup fee and a 20-40% ongoing fee of your budget for a standard agency. For a good agency that'll generate better conversions and focus more on your goals will range from 600-1200 setup and then work on a percentage per sale (higher ticket items are harder to sell, where lower ticket items are easier so this works out if you're selling a car vs a phone case). 

I hope this helps. 

Jodie Herbert

Jodie Herbert, Senior Marketing & Digital Consultant at TLS Marketing Solutions

To clarify it takes around 20-30 hours to on board and test a new client in the first month. There are a minimum of 3 campaigns each with up to 10 ad sets and 30 creative. At $300 we would be working for $10 an hour. You should expect to pay around $2,500 for the first month and as Kim pointed out $1-5,000 per month ongoing,

Kim Barrett

Kim Barrett, CEO at

Following on from the other answer by Brodey, there are so many variables to consider and no one answer to this question.

The targets that you want to achieve would need to be assessed and objectives very clearly defined. There are a lot of variations of Facebook Campaigns with ad types and approaches for each depending on those goals that are set initially. In addition, you need to understand EXACTLY who you want to market to using the N.O.C Method (Niche, Offer, Copy). That way once you do launch any type of campaign, you have this very dialled in so you are able to get started with a test budget to see what works best. 

The prices for the set up, management and optimisation of these campaigns will vary depending on what is required  to execute the campaign effectively eg: (building a high converting funnel, CRM and payment gateway integrations). You may be looking at $1,000 for a simple campaign or up to $5,000 for full management.

Hope this helps!

Jay Nocete

Jay Nocete at

I understand that the campaign is for a small business, hence, a small advertising budget. I recommend partnering with a service provider that caters mostly to small businesses as they understand the dynamics of a low-budget ad campaign and know how to maximize results. While there is no definite answer to the question, it is best to get an estimate on a few service providers. However, it is best that the objectives of your campaign, audience, content, and other details area already clear in your mind to get an approximate quote. We provide this kind of service at ProcessCorp. Happy to assist you in any way.

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