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How much does it cost to create a logo and other visual branding for a new business?

How much does it cost for branding packages including logo, online visuals, business cards for a new small business?

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Jill Brennan

Jill Brennan, Founder at Harbren Marketing

As Justine and David have said there is a broad price range when it comes to branding and logo creation.  If cost is the main focus you can go onto somewhere like and get a logo for a few dollars.  Once you have the image files you can then go to somewhere like Vistaprint and get business cards and other stationary cheaply as well.

But the cost and how satisfied you're likely to be with the outcome depends to a large extent on how clear you are about the vision and strategic intent you have for your business.  

Many people think of a logo when they think of branding but as David has said, that is just the visual representation of your brand.  The summary or shortcut if you like. 

Branding is really about what you want to be known for.  When you think of a brand like Ikea, you may recall their logo but you probably think more about how they make you feel and what your experience is like when you enter a store or buy a product.  

And that deeper work to determine your brand strategy and then what logo will best represent your approach is where the larger price tag comes in.  

Justine Garcia

Justine Garcia, Community Manager at

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There are some businesses that offers a package starting at $79-$100. It depends on the logo design, concept and how many revisions you need. The package can go up to $899 up to $1000+.

Edgar Allan Jr. Chia

Edgar Allan Jr. Chia at SavvySME

What's the difference between the $100 and the $1000+ logo designs?

Justine Garcia

Justine Garcia, Community Manager at

The simple logos with at least one to no revision costs $100. But if you are quite picky and perfectionist, you can opt to choose the higher packages that has multiple to unlimited number of revisions with different design concepts to choose from. Higher packages can provide you with 10-15 unique logos with lifetime file storage.

David Ansett

David Ansett, Founder at Truly Deeply

If I can add to Justine's answer above; the cost to create a logo may be as low as $79-$100, but the cost to create a brand is more likely to be in the $20,000 - $60,000 range.
As with every business investment it's critical to have a clear view of what you are setting out to acheive and the return likely for your investment. A $100 logo (or even a $1000) logo will provide you a graphic device for you to use on business cards and web site to identify your business. A brand identity will provide your business with the strategy to position your brand optimally to the right customers and then a a graphic language that communicates that value proposition in the right way to the right people. The impact of a professionally designed brand is acquisition of clients or customers whi trust your business and value the products or services you provide. This leads to business growth and the ability to build a premium pricing strategy rather than needing to compete on price.
Claculating the value of Logo Design Vs Branding for your business is a comparison of the return on investment rather than the cost.

Dario Gardiman


More importnt than the cost is the longevity. There are companies that will give you what you want and there are companies that will help you discover what you need.
I have been fortunate enought to have had experienced graphic designers whom I worked alongside who have designed logos that looked good and represent myself and the business perfectly. 
I believe It is important to engage someone who sees your current business and also its potential. They should suggest colour schemes and fonts that best suit your business and the appropriate market.
Whats importnt is that your clients will trust and associate with your first impression.
A good logo doesnt have to cost the earth. With that said, dont over capitalise. No point having the best logo design and stationary if you go bust !

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