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How much is the average cost for regular office cleaning services?

How often are regular cleaning services? What's the cost for basic tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, window cleaning, tidying, and cleaning common areas like bathrooms and pantries?

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Martin Callan

Martin Callan, Founder & CEO at freshOps

Office Cleaning Services do range based on what you call regular. If you are an office of 5 staff a weekly service may suffice, however in my experience, once you have over 10 staff, you need to consider increasing this frequency to maybe twice a week. Above those staffing numbers, cleaning does really need to be done either 3 times or week or daily.  It doesn't mater how clean you rworkforce keep the premises, bathrooms are still used very heavily across the week if you have more than 10 staff.

We have users that charge from $40 - $70/hour for a weekly service. However, the hourly rate usually decreases the more frequently you get the serviced done. It's important if you are going to engage an Commercial Cleaner to clean your office space, often at night, unsupervised that you ask the right questions when interviewing them.