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What are the pros and cons of outsourcing payroll services for a small business?

Why and when should you outsource payroll? Which type of small business is better off outsourcing to a payroll company?

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Mark Orson

Mark Orson

Top 30% Payroll

Outsourced payroll solutions are for all sized businesses. Historically, it was considered a benefit for only large organisations, however small to medium enterprises can take advantage of reducing costs, have comfort in knowing that all legislative requirements such as superannuation, PAYG,  payroll tax, workers’ compensation and all other employee related reporting, will be carried out by professional payroll staff.  Outsourced payroll provides Managers and Business Owners the opportunity to do what they do best, run their businesses. Focusing on back office administrative and non-profit generating activities such as payroll, distracts business owners from the daily business of running their organisations.

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Top 20% Accounting

Thanks @Mark Orson - Outsourcing back office activities definitely frees up the business owner to focus on the big picture and grow the business. @Brian Le Mon - Do you have any advice on what to look for when looking to outsource payroll services for small business?

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