Joshua Uebergang
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Asked this question on 9/8/13 -Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What are the top SEO questions you like to be answered?

I've done SEO for over 8 years to help Aussie businesses grow online. Just created an SEO checklist on Savvy SME that'll help you get more visitors and leads to your website. Once you read it, if you have any questions on SEO, I'm happy to answer them here... as long as they don't take too long to answer :-)

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster Marketing Manager at

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Hi Josh, since you asked... (and I used to host my email marketing with your company)

My client insists everyone in his industry posts different Google Places addresses for each suburban zone, but when I went onto Google they advise for mobile businesses going to their client (which he does) that you select "service at their location", no map pin, and then choose 25 kms from... I wonder if there is any difference - does the Places/map listing come up more often if there are 5 or 6 locations listed?

Joshua Uebergang

Hi Jennifer, interesting to hear.

Yes, in most cases, go after multi-listings. The traffic you get from local search (pretty much the whole point of a plus page) depends on the type of business as Google serves a variety of "local", "national", and "global" listings. For example, do a search for "communication skills" and you won't get a local training center (though I see a few uni courses crop up). Even so - plus pages take little time to create so just do it.

For those clients, the most important thing is to have their Places listing under one account. It's a pain to manage multiple listings on multiple accounts!

Joshua Uebergang

Just realized I only partially answered your question. The exact results it displays varies too much to say "it shows up more often". Generally, yes, if they're legitimate business listings.

Google isn't perfect. The data is pulls into its Plus pages on search results can be weird. Let me know if that answers your question.

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

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Ok, hmmm how about this one Josh (by the way thanks for this question :))! 

What do you do when you feel like your SEO traffic has plateaued - say your strategy is just creating ongoing good content - what are some tips you can give me to give it a bit of a kick again?

Joshua Uebergang

That's where a lot of businesses are, Wendy. Ugh, the plataeu.

I'd firstly look at "ongoing good content". Most businesses now have a blog and produce basic content. Regular writing by itself can mean nothing - even just be a time-sucker.

Also, what are you doing on a weekly/monthly basis? You should document EXACTLY the sites you've contacted, the directories you've submitted, the articles you've written. Tracking was an ah-ha moment for me in SEO. A cliche suitable for SEO in this situation is: "If you keep doing what you've done, you'll keep getting what you've got."

Three rare methods I've found that inject anabolic visitors into a site:

1) Give people what they WANT to learn. See what your popular competitor's write about - and how can you do better, see what's most commented on with other blogs, and use a tool like to find what gets socially shared.

2) Produce guides. I'm currently producing one on everything you need to boost your ecommerce conversion rate at . Your average web guy, marketer, or blog owner is too lazy to do this. Go after a short-tail visitors. Make it the ultimate resource on the subject. Get good graphics done. Incorporate video. One guide I did netted 1 million visitors a year - and provides the most stable source of traffic.

3) Tools. People come back time and time again to use tools. You shift people from consuming your site to engaging with it. This is key to SEO in the next 5 years.

... then marketing all these (most people never get to this stage). Most SEO consults I cannot do these strategies for clients because of the time-involved, but for the switched-on ones, I will advise to help them implement.

Wendy Huang

Thank Joshua, thats a very detailed and well thoughtout answer. I will start thinking abotu these stragies for our site - love it when SEO guys know their stuff :)