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What is the difference between hiring foreign and local app developers?

Is it better to hire a local app developer or outsource to a foreign app developer? What are the pros and cons of each?

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Narine Poghosyan

Narine Poghosyan, Manager at

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There are some huge differences between local and remote developers. Below is a summary of the key differences:

Foreign app developers:
You are able to find really good remote developers on TopTal, Upwork and Indeed. Just be sure to test their skills when hiring them. The price range is different depending on the countries they are from and their skills.
Find someone who has already developed such an App. If you want to control their daily working process choose someone with a similar timezone and use time trackers. This will save you time and money.

Local app developers 
If you decide to work with a local app developer that has its advantages and disadvantages as well.

Advantages of hiring a local developer

  • You know who you work with, you can arrange a meeting before giving him/her a task
  • You can him/her for an onsite position and give a monthly salary
  • You will be able to somehow control their work 

Disadvantages of hiring a local developer

  • The price may be higher 
  • And you can't see their reviews 

Gaurav G

Gaurav G, Business Development Manager at MPG Business Information Systems Pty Ltd

Foreign means which do not belong to your country, while local or native is within your country app developers.

Rakesh Dadhich

Rakesh Dadhich at Indglobal Digital Private Limited

If you hire from foregin developer than it is your risk, if they not complete your project on time than whom you blem you will not go their and tell anything, and forign developer is not trustable.

So better to hire from local only, it help yuo to see all the upadate and you can follow them. 

If you want to hire local app developers concern eith us we will provide you a better resolution for it.

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