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What can a Google AdWords consultant do for my small business?

What type of services do Google Ads consultants provide and are they worth the money?

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Saijo George

Saijo George, SEO Strategy Director at

Top 10% Paid Search

We aim to maximise your return on ad spend by placing your ads instantly at the top rankings of Google and in front of highly relevant traffic. Using data and behavioural indicators we ensure that the ads are only triggered for keywords and people who are most likely to become customers and continually optimise the campaign in order to deliver this at the cheapest cost.

David Ansett

David Ansett, Founder at Truly Deeply

HI, We've had mixed results with the Google Consultants. My take on it is they earn their income from encouraging you to increase your Adwords spend - which is not the ideal motivation from a client perspective. However, most small businesses are not running a very sophisticated Adwords campaign and so they can help improve what you're doing or set you up. But keep in mind Adwords isn't for every business. You will need to learn how to and invest the time in careful tracking of your spend Vs the results it is providing.

Jane Villanueva

Jane Villanueva at S.D.F. PTY LTD

Do you still work with them? Do you think they just need to help set up and we can take it from there? Or is it a long term investment?

Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

Interesting perspective there David - how do you find the best way to learn?

Natasha Berta

Natasha Berta, Owner at

Top 10% Paid Search

Google AdWords consultants can help you run ads that will display when an ideal customer does a search for something related to your business offering. 

If your ideal customer will generally do a Google search when looking for services like yours, then you can increase your enquires and potentially your sales. 

They will generally help you set up ads and monitor them. 

The question of "are they worth the money" depends on how much they are charging. 

There are a number of Google AdWords consultants who charge large amounts that are probably NOT worth the money. 

You need to work within your budget. 

All advertising is worth the money if you are either generating new possible customers and new customers. 

Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

That's a really interesting viewpoint! Is there a specific budget you recommend?

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