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What is the cost to hire videographers to produce a 10-minute corporate video?

What is the price range to produce a corporate video including casting and animation if required? Are there any factors that affect the cost?

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Craig Gardner

Craig Gardner at

Top 10% Graphic Design

Depending on a number of variables: whether the video is hosted and what it is shot on and with.
To have a video, written script, directed, shot with camera man and sound guy at a location, not hosted and a reputable supplier the cost would vary $3,500-5000. I hope that this answers yor question.

Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh, Cofounder at

@Craig What do you mean whether the video is hosted/not hosted?

Reg Sorrell

Reg Sorrell, Video Producer at Online Videos Perth

Hi Craig,

It's a hard question to answer accurately as there are so many factors involved. As a general price guide, the cost to produce a professional corporate video is around $1,000 per minute. That should include most variables including having a trained professoional front the video (which is my assumption on hosted vs not hosted).

Variables affecting corporate video production costs include: scripting, locations, the number of shoot days, high end equipment that may be needed, special premissions (drone footage, private property location), animation, branding assests, specialist post-production services and the list can go on and on.

As a ball park figure, I believe you should be looking at $7 - 8.5K. SM videos are very different and don't necessarily have the gloss that a professional will give your Corporate Video.

Hope you find that useful.

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