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Video Production

What's the cost to hire videographers to produce a 10-minute corporate video?

How much is the price range, including casting and animation if there's any. What factors affect the cost?

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Craig Gardner

Craig Gardner at

Depending on a number of variables: whether the video is hosted and what it is shot on and with.
To have a video, written script, directed, shot with camera man and sound guy at a location, not hosted and a reputable supplier the cost would vary $3,500-5000. I hope that this answers yor question.

Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh, Cofounder at

@Craig What do you mean whether the video is hosted/not hosted?

Reg Sorrell

Reg Sorrell, Video Producer at Online Videos Perth

Hi Craig,

Hard question to answer accurately as there are so many factors involved. A general price guide for a professional Corporate Video is around $1000 a minute. That should include most variables including having a trained professoional front the video (which is my assumption on Hosted v Not Hosted)
Variables include: Scripting, locations, the number of shoot days, high end equipment that may be needed, special premissions (drone footage, private property location) animation, branding assests, specialist post production services and the list can go on and on.
As a ball park figure, I believe you should be looking at $7 - 8.5K.
SM videos are very different and don't necessarily have the gloss that a professional will give your Corporate Video.
Hope you find that useful.