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What are the best video editors?

Share any free or paid software for high-quality video editing, fit for corporate and marketing videos.

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Craig Gardner

Craig Gardner at

It depends on what you require
Some comapnies are self editing and some use a full edit suite and studio

Natasha Berta

Natasha Berta, Owner at

Top 10% Paid Search

I love iMovie which is the free tool that comes with your Apple laptop or device. You can produce really high-quality videos easily. And the longer you use it and the more you learn, the better your videos become. 

Reg Sorrell

Reg Sorrell, Video Producer at Online Videos Perth

I personally use Premiere Pro, but I'm not a fan of their business model, so wouldn't recommend them. I would recommend Da Vinci Resolve 16 to start with. It is absolutley free and you can upgrade for a one off fee of $299 (Studio). Very powerful and to top it off, it is an Aussie company.

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