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What are the benefits of cost transparency for clients and service providers?

This is a 2-prong question. I know mortgage brokers usually advise customers with the commision they get off a given product. So, would you, as a client of a provider, appreciate transparency in costs for solutions, i.e. "On this product we make "$X markup", on this product we make "$Y markup". 

Would you, as a provider of solution, ever consider providing that transparency, why or why not?


Wendy Huang

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I think that it would be great to give transparency when asked, but as a provider I would hope you would give me the best decision regardless of how much you make, whether it is more or less. I think if you can demonstrate that to me I wouldn't care how much you make :)

Andrew Egan

Andrew Egan, Director & IT Specialist at

I do always propose what I beleive the best solution is. I also give options though, as the "best" solution doesn't always fall within the price range a client would be happy with. Thanks for your response :)