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What are the best SME HR software packages?

What are the top HR software packages covering payroll, benefits, HR admin, training, performance, leave management, etc?

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Sonia King

Sonia King, Founder & Managing Consultant at

Top 10% Human Resources

There are so many but the best one is the one that will implement well with your existing software and has the most tools available to your business including Fair Work Compliant templates such as employment contracts. The software typically has an initial fee to implement and then a per user license fee per month, so keep that in mind when researching options. What are the entire costs for the software from implementation, integration and per user as well as what you will get in the software for the price you are able to pay.

Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh, Cofounder at

@Sonia Does that mean we should prefer Australian solutions over American or otherwise?

Sonia King

Sonia King, Founder & Managing Consultant at

Hi There, not necessarily, if they have an Australian version with our legal framework installed then it should be fine. We use accounting software systems that are not Australian but have the Australian regulations for us to ensure we comply.

Stuart Reynolds

Stuart Reynolds, Partner at

One of the options we like best is Employment Hero. It has helped us avoid headaches with employee management (and payroll), and it integrates directly with Xero. It also handles employee onboarding, which is so important in the scheme of attracting and retaining great employees. 

There is a free option to get started, but you need to pay (minimum $99 per month at $6 per employee) to really unlock all the benefits. 

As Sonia King mentioned there are a lot, but this one is an Australian-based business and we like it for all its features. We wrote a review on it too, in case this is helpful. 

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

I've found HappyHR to be a fantastic solution for the whole scope of HR management solutions. The software enables you to manage the entire employee life cycle including onboarding, payroll, performance management, training and development, leave management and more.

The HappyHR software also has a range of integrations including Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks. 

Just touching on Sonia's point, HappyHR has an Australian version of the software to ensure you are compliant with Australian HR law and regulations.

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