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How much do HR consultants charge?

How much does it cost to hire HR consultants for your small business in areas such as employment contracts, payroll, training or general advice and admin?

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Sonia King

Sonia King, Founder & Managing Consultant at

Top 10% Human Resources

The correct question should be how much return on investment will a business gain from having a human resources consultant. Each HR Consultant is different and charges according to their area of expertise. The potential fines for non compliance with Fair Work should be enough to encourage re thinking the question. There is also the tax deduction available for hiring a HR consultant as well as the potential savings of losing great staff and having to hire new ones. There is no one size fits all typical consulting fee you pay for the expertise, experience and education of the consultants. For example a senior experience human resources consultant will charge anywhere from $165 per hour to $250 plus per hour, but most prefer to cost out projects in advance to give the client an estimate of the likely total cost per project or they may provide a retained service which will be costed out according to what is included.

Natasha Hawker

Natasha Hawker, Owner at

Top 20% Human Resources

Totally agree with Sonia.

Employment Contracts done by an employment lawyer will cost between $3.5k-$4.5k.

Fines for breaches of the Fair Work Act or your Modern Award is up to $63k for the business and $12 600 personally for the owner or manager.

We help clients build Employee Assets, I believe that you employees are your greatest asset and also potentially your greatest liability.

I think you need to think about what it would mean for you if you don't hire the best, manage them for optimal performance and exit your non performers then it is costing you way more than a HR Consultant.

Many consultants nowdays package up a process for example a Performance Management Package for $2750 versus failing the Unfair Dismissal test it costing you up to 6 months of the employee salary.

Training varies greatly on whether it is bespoke or numbers of employees etc but half day might be $700 and full day $1000- $8000.

Happy to chat live if this would help, Natasha