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Do you think the art installation is dangerous?

Darebin Council's High St, Northcote median strip art installation sparks social media backlash. Residents and businesses are calling for an art installation along High St to be removed before it causes a serious accident. Darebin Council is yet to answer questions on how much the project cost rate payers. Do you think the art installation is dangerous?

Ling Lee

Ling Lee, at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

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Cassidy, I'm not familiar with Northcote's High St but a quick Google search has shown me what looks like a potentially hazardous art installation! I do agree that it looks dangerous (even more so now that I see a watermelon being smashed on top of it). However, the art installation is placed where people are not supposed to be crossing anyway - and thus the amount of backlash it has received is highly unjustified.