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Does the Google PageRank update still matter?

Many of us were eagerly waiting for a PR update a month or so ago, only to be told it will be delayed. Then a few weeks later, there were even speculation that there will no longer be official PR updates, to guard against those trying to play the system. I get that good content will continue rule, but I'm curious if anyone (other than Google of course) can shed more light on what is really going on?

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James Norquay

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Phill, My advice is not too worry about PR updates from Google too much, I know a few years ago people use to follow them monthly or when they came out via the blogs. Now they are just another metric in a sea of important metrics to follow for your site. Google ca do PR updates at any time it has no set structure for the releases.  Some other important metrics are: 1. The level of crawl rate your site has. (very important) Article here: 2. MOZ page and domain authority.  3. Metrics from Majestic SEO On site issues/ errors measurement.  Site wide linking metrics, analytics measurement ect ect Overall do more research from a site way point of view on important metrics is my key piece of advice as they will be more important overall, if you are worried about going up in PR go and use outreach to get some high power links. 

Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Thanks very much James, this is invaluable advice. I can see there's a whole lot more metrics to be concerned about than PR. Great article (thanks). Got a lot more homework to do :)

Tim Greig

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Dead link James, at blindfiveyearold :-(

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