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What are the pros and cons of hiring local web developers vs cheap overseas web developers?

Is there a difference between hiring local web developers and cheap overseas web developers? What should you consider when making the decision?

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Keith Rowley

Keith Rowley, Joint Owner and Customer Strategist at

Top 10% Web Development

In additio to the points made by Ivana Katz - all of which are valid, and which I will not repeat:


We get approached occasionally to 'fix' a website. We don't accept most of these jobs becuase thw site in question has often been built so badly that the best course of action is to delete it and start again - that's a real RISK.

Another RISK - if you need a complex site such as that for a real estate agent, them you need some future proofing - and a cookie cutter done on a cheap WP theme for instance, won't provide that,

Anoher RISK - site performance. A potential client of ours had paid an overses company around $1,000 US for a complex site. It took 30s to load on desktop and he wanted it 'fixed' - sorry, but no thank you.

Going local can also carry these risks unless you hire a professional - a company prepared to put its performance pledges where they belong - in the development contract.

Hope that helps.


Stuart Reynolds

Stuart Reynolds, Partner at

There is usually a difference between hiring local and foreign web developers, but the lines are blurry. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hiring web developers - local or foreign:

  • Project brief - whatever your approach, the best asset you can bring to a discussion is a comprehensive brief and outline of what you want. Before speaking with any developers, get clear on your own non-negotiables, even if they’re very basic. 
  • Platform - be aware that there are different platforms on which your website can be built. Whether or not you hire a developer that will manage your site ongoing, it needs to be easily managed by other parties - either yourself or a future developer. Steer away from custom-built back-ends, unless part of the project is delivering a comprehensive set of user instructions. 
  • Language - yes, if you hire someone from outside Australia, it’s possible their native language is not English. This can present a challenge when you’re trying to communicate what you want (or, indeed anything) - be aware you’ll have to put in extra effort to be clear.
  • Cost - it is often cheaper to hire a foreign web developer, because of different pay rates. Sometimes this translates to lower quality work - but not always. Have a clear checklist of things you want from your website, and the performance you expect, and ‘lower quality’ need not be an issue. 

These are just a few of the factors to consider when hiring a web developer. It’s an exciting time - and usually a pretty big project. Good luck! 

Ivana Katz

Ivana Katz, Owner at

Top 10% Web Development

Over the years I have spoken to many customers who had their website developed offshore and these are some points they have brought up in regards to hiring a local website designer vs offshore designer/developer.

Get a website designed offshore


  • Save money


  • Cultural and work ethic differences
  • Difficult to manage from afar
  • Language barriers
  • Time differences
  • Lack of local market knowledge
  • Limited technical support
  • Lack of trust to deliver what was promised

Get a website designed locally


  • Knowledge of local market
  • Understands website design trends and security
  • Able to design advanced websites including shopping carts, membership portals, etc
  • Can help with website marketing and search engine optimisation
  • Troubleshoot and fix up problems


  • Costs more than offshore developer

Timothy Allsworth

Timothy Allsworth at Custom Web Creations Web designer Brisban

I guess it all comes down to trust.  Of course, if you know or can visit a web designer in person, it can be better.  But it also comes down to legal documentation as well.  If you are hiring a web designer from another country, their country can have different laws from your country of origin.  But it also comes down to the quality of web design.  I can't really say what is the difference.  I guess it comes down to user choice in the end.  In some countries, you are hard-pressed finding a good web designer or web design business.  If you decide to hire a web designer from overseas or another country, make sure you get a contract that states what they have to do for the money you are paying and make sure that the contract is applicable in both countries.  
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