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Ling Lee, at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

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Are B2B businesses generally service providers?

Is it fair to generalise B2B businesses as being predominantly service based?


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James Norquay

James Norquay Consulting Director at Prosperity Media

No, many product offerings only focus on B2B


- Industrial Machines for business.

- Any specific product which only business would buy, their are endless ranges of products only businesses want.

any thing from cooking machines, to enterprise photo copiers in offices too even business cards.

Ling Lee

Ling Lee , at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Thank you James!
Peter Doyle

Peter Doyle Managing Director at ChangeXChange Consulting

Hi Ling

My experience says no, there are many product based B2B operations out there.



Ling Lee

Ling Lee , at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Thanks for your help Peter! :D
Arthur Lam

Arthur Lam , Director at iBusiness Studio & Inspire Me International

Great ?
Whether one is delivering a Product and or Service ... they both Serve to fulfil the b2b requirements, needs, wants. this is without the equation that the Product and or Service provider Serves his/her b2b client to the best of their ability! :D