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How much do computer repair technicians charge for small business computer repair?

What is the price range for getting a computer repair technician to your small business?

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Computer Repair Costs

Computer technicians charge by the hour for labour and then there is the cost of replacement parts if applicable. 

Some computer repair companies also add a small margin on top of the replacement parts to cover for postage, holding stock, collecting the part etc.

Computer Technician Rates

Hourly labour fees range from around $80 an hour to $190 or more an hour.  Whilst the hourly rate should reflect the expertise of the technician, that is not always the case.  If you go for one of the larger computer repair companies then you can expect to pay the higher rate as they have to cover advertising, administration, salaries etc.  Your local computer repair technician without these expenses can still make a living with a lower hourly rate.

Workshop And Call-Out Charges

Another aspect of what sets the amount charged by computer repair companies is whether the repair is done at the computer shop or workshop or if the technician is called out to your home or business.

At Affordable Computer Repairs and Service, we encourage customers to bring their malware-infected machines to us as we can then run several scans over say 4 hours to make doubly sure the computer is clean of malware.  We do this for a fixed fee which is much, much lower than if we were to do the same service at someone's home or office.  

Computer Repair Rates Vary By Location

In relation to fees, we are a Brisbane based computer repair business and our hourly rate is $125 which is probably less than market rates given the service we provide.  Rates in Sydney and Melbourne are likely to be higher and those in regional areas probably lower...

Don't Just Select a Computer Repairer Based on Fees...

I would recommend when looking for a computer repair technician, do your homework, read the reviews and the replies from the owner, do they sound real - are they lengthy or have they been requested on the spot to leave a review and thus provided only a few words?  A computer technician (or any other business for that matter) that has lengthy heartfelt reviews is the one to contact.  Whilst the price is important, at the end of the day what you are looking for is a reliable, trustworthy computer repair business that charges a fair price for the work done.

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