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How do I choose the best computer repair companies for my small business?

Should you go with brand names like Geeks2U or PCDoctor for your business IT support? 

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Karen Thorogood

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If you are looking for a computer repair company that will provide you with the best advice and knowledge in relation to your particular computer issue, you are best going to a computer repair company where you will be dealing with the same IT technician who will get to know your computer and IT needs as well as your system, desktop, laptop, Mac etc.

Going to a larger computer repair business you may well have a different technician each time which means that it will cost me as he/she has to familiarise him/herself with your particular computer hardware and software.
Also if you find a computer repair technician that is good - stay with him/her - there are a lot of different skill levels out there as there are little barriers to entry into the computer repair market - and you don't want a technician just starting out learning on your computer!

There as several simple ways that help you to choose the best computer repair company:-

  1. Read the reviews that the computer repair company has. Do they mention expert knowledge, great service, affordable rates? Does the business reply to the reviews - particularly any poor reviews, a good reply to a poor review always instils confidence that the business is trustworthy and reputable
  2. Are there reviews that are recent and also reviews going back several (say up to five) years which show that the business has been consistently helping people, that is no fly by night business.
  3. Ask friends and family for referrals.  Just the same as you would for a handyman, an electrician etc.  If someone has had a great experience with a computer repair business, hopefully, you too will have the same experience...
  4. Phone the computer repair company, ask questions, lots of questions, don't be fobbed off with "until I see it I can't help you".  If you are given this answer ask what are the likely causes of the problem with your computer - the technician should be able to provide several different causes for your particular problem.  If you get fobbed off, I suggest you phone another computer repair business.
  5. By asking questions (particularly if you know the answers already!) you will gain an insight into the knowledge and skills of the computer repair business and this will help you choose whether or not this likely to be a good repair business.
In the computer repair business in Brisbane where we operate, the branded computer businesses employ only a few technicians with the majority being sub-contractors and there is little to no quality control.  My recommendation lies in finding a reliable, trustworthy computer repair technician by the means suggested above - and then keep the contact details for the next time you need help!


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