Arthur Lam
Arthur Lam Director at iBusiness Studio & Inspire Me International

Which cloud platform do you use to run your business or startup?

Gday fellow Savvy-sme's :D,

We are researching and playing around with a number of Cloud Platforms, yet most of them are limited, with the view to manage our global projects with the assigned project owners / members. What are your experiences and suggestions?

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John Belchamber

John Belchamber, Owner & Senior Consultant at Invoke Results


I use WORKetc as my CRM/Project Management/Invoice & Expense/Sales Management (etc.) tool. For $40 per-user per month I've found it is as good (in many cases better) than the more expensive solutions I've sampled and importantly, the support given is amongst the best I've experienced on the internet. Oh yes, and it has API links to Goggle Apps, Xero and many more applications.

I also use Evernote/Skitch/Hello a lot for all sorts of applications. I've now upgraded to teh professional account which is well worth the fee I find.

Dropbox is my synched storage tool of choice. I have a paid account and use it to automatically back-up all my websites as well as store all my documents/photos etc.

There are several more Apps, but there are the main ones for running my business.

Arthur Lam

Arthur Lam, Director at iBusiness Studio & Inspire Me International

Gday @John, Wow excellent feedback! I have just started using Evernote, Quip, DropTask and GetViable and have found them interesting use but i suppose the key is to streamline it all and have everything, well thats my goal, available in one HUB. Will dropin by Worketc and check them out... chat more later.

Sonya Forrest

Sonya Forrest, Studio Director at Green Apple

The organization I manage during the day uses Sohnar TRAFFIC for managing our work flow, resourcing, etc. We are a project based company and after reviewing over 200 possible products on offer this one best addressed our needs.

Personally in my own business I use BaseCamp. I find it's interface is allot more intuitive to use and clients have no problem navigating around. BaseCamp does not include time sheeting which is why it was not adopted by Cadre (my employer). Timesheets/project tracking are core to our business.

Hope this helps. 

Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

BaseCamp is awesome, we use it for our business too! :)