What Are Top Media Or Marketing Related Questions In Business?

Hi everyone I am wanting some help if you can tell me what Media Or Marketing Questions would you ask if you could?

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Peter Jones

Peter Jones, Founder at LinkSmart


I have been to a lot of meet ups, BNI etc and met a lot of 'media' people and when I ask them to explain what they actually do their definition of media is all over the place. I have had media explained from printing brochures (and I mean only printing brochures) to all the online media from LinkedIn and Facebook. My question, or more a statement, is say what you do.

"I print brochures..."
'We do SEO.. " is that media ?
"We handle all online Facebook accounts..."
"We help setup your Facebook accounts for you to manage..."
"We manage your blog.."
"Our company handles campaigns...

All to often it takes some time to explain how they can  actually help my company.
By doing this I will get a better understanding if they can help my company or not.
Don't know if that helps answer your question.