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How important are events like Black Friday, Singles Day and Click Frenzy for your sales?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Click Frenzy, Singles Day. In retail, how important are these shopping bargain events to your bottom line? Any tips on maximising sales for these events?

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John Eustace

John Eustace, Principal / Communications and Media Strategist at Bells and Whistles Marketing Pty Ltd

Top 10% Marketing

Seasonal and special occasion “sales events” both traditional and more recent digital additions are always important to every enterprise that has a product or service to promote.
Every enterprise should build a promotional calendar structured to take advantage of dates that so many others will direct marketing dollars to promote. For instance, why would you create your own sales event when you can piggy-back on the efforts (and budgets) of others?
Select dates and the associated events that are most relevant to your market as you can’t be expected to tackle them all. There are seasonal events like Chinese New Year or Easter that resonate with certain markets. If you are smart you will select only those that provide the best opportunities, and provide a promotional vehicle appropriate to your target audience.

Ava Tran

Ava Tran at CHIMI

Doesn't make much difference to the standard retail shop. Only works if you know how to get online.