John Belchamber
John Belchamber Owner & Senior Consultant at Invoke Results

Asked this question on 4/9/13 -Sales and Marketing

What behaviours limit sales success in your business?

I'm giving a presentation tomorrow entitled "Twelve Behaviours That Limit Sales Success". Obviously I know what I shall be saying, but it got me wondering what behaviours SavvySME members would add to the list?

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Kevin Mallen

Kevin Mallen Business Development Manager at

Top 20% Sales and Marketing

#1)  emailing instead of calling! Leads are gold and when one comes in you need to get on the phone and give them a call! Only email if they don't pick up the phone. Calling shows initiative and it developers more of a personal relationship than email can establish. 

John Belchamber

Ah yes, the over reliance on email. SAdly, this isn;t just a sales team problem I find :)

Phil Joel

Phil Joel Director at SavvySME

Top 10% Customer Acquisition

For me, the no. 1 behavior that prospective buyers will initially judge you on is your eagerness for their business. If you are responsive and go the extra mile then you're likely going to make a better impression that your competitors. 

Mahua Das

From my very limited experience - 1) trying to sell without establishing a relationship first and 2) not understanding the buyer's circumstances and making assumptions are usually counterproductive.

John Belchamber

Thanks Phil,
Yes, response time becomes ever more critical the more we enter a world of automation. But leading into Mahua's point, does quality of response comes into it too you think?

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