How do I use YouTube advertising?

Hi all, how does the advertising system work on Youtube? How do I get my ads on Youtube and how much does it usually cost for SMEs?

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Hi Lily,

You can take part in YouTube ads from your AdWords module. If you have already created campaigns for banner ads and search ads, you can simply turn on video ads by selecting the type of ad you want to pay for.

Types of ads you can place on YouTube include:

  • Video ads, where you can insert a video ad before a YouTube video plays
  • Large banner ads that are placed beside videos on the page people watch YouTube on
  • Smaller banner ads that pop over while YouTube videos are playing
  • Text ads that overlay while videos are playing 

If you have your own channel you can also promote your channel and videos as well within YouTube.

For more information on the step by step I encourage you to visit this Google help page Titled

Show your ad on YouTube:

For a more general over view on Video Targeting you can visit"

Show any ad on videos and on video sites:


Let me know if you have further questions regarding video ads :)

Note: Video ad pricing can fluctuate depending on what keywords your targeting and competition so it's very hard to give an accurate idea of how much it will cost. Best thing to do is allocate a budget and give it a go.

Lily Hollies

Lily Hollies

Thank you for the fantastic answer Wendy!

Christine Mendros

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Google has updated their video ad types on YouTube. You can pick from:
1. TrueView ads: this is the standard skippable videos that play before the video you want to see plays.
2. Non-skippable ads: this is the advertisement where users can’t press skip
3. Bumper ads: this is the shortest and cheapest ad on YouTube and only go for 6 seconds, generally at the end of a video
4. Discovery or display ads: this is an ad that appears on the site that is clearly marked as an ad, usually in the right-hand side of a YouTube video page where related videos are listed or in search results on YouTube.
In terms of YouTube advertising costs, you can test the waters from just $10 a day and see where your small business lands. You pay for when someone interacts or watches it for a minimum amount of time, so they are essentially like PPC ads.