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What Are The Repercussions Of Federal Election For Businesses?

So, the federal election this year saw Tony Abbott elected as the new PM - but what does this mean in regards to small businesses?


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James Norquay

James Norquay Consulting Director at Prosperity Media

It is to early to call at the moment but I feel it will mean good things for small business, medium business and large business. I deal with some companies in the FBT industry, staff have now been able to keep jobs ect. I know a few thousand SMBs were affected by these changes.  I would how ever like to see more regulation imposed on large business taking advantage of small business from the FMCG industry for one.  I personally can not see tax breaks, but I would also like to see further investment in technology companies in Australia and also grants into innovation ect. So we can hope the Australian tech industry stays up with the global market. 

Ling Lee

Ling Lee , at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Thanks James for your answer!