How do you claim and be eligible for Sole Trader supplement for those impacted by COVID-19?

Sharing this question on behalf of community member, Tara Dixon:

Do you guys have any advice on the Sole Trader supplement, does anyone have a clear understanding of;
1> how to claim
2> eligibility
Has anyone here applied for what I think is NewStart?/Jobseeker based on financial impact from COVID-19, if so how, where, etc. Also is it means tested based on your partners income?

Any advice is much appreciated. 

Steve Wilson

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The Federal Govt will be introducing a Coronavirus Supplement of $550 per fortnight to individuals who are receiving certain eligible income support payments AND for the next 6 months will expand access to certain individuals as well. This expanded access will include Sole Traders, self employed and contract workers who meet the income test as a result of economic downturn due to the Coronavirus. 

This will commence from 27th April 2020 so a short while off before you can claim.

Applicants are encouraged to claim through on-line and mobile channels or over the phone where you do not have internet access. Given the call lines are now open till 8pm, a call later in the day may be more productive to getting through. MyGov is one way you can make an application so if you do not have an account yet, set this up ready for when you can make a claim ( ). When you log onto MyGov on the home page you will see the following message about half way down

"Claiming a Centrelin payment. The fastest way to claim a Centrelink  payment is through your online account. You can do this if you're linked Centrelink to myGov. If you have linked Centrelink to myGov and your circumstances are affected by coronavirus (COVID-19), you can register your intention to claim a payment. You only need to do this once. We'll let you know the next step to make your claim"

Below this is a Register Intention to Claim button to click

The asset test will be waived for the period of the coronavirus but income testing will still apply to other payments you receive consistent with pre coronavirus arrangements.

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