Christine Mendros
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Will you keep your social media accounts active even if your business is closing due to the COVID-19 virus?

Sharing this question on behalf of community member, Maree Bendeich:

Businesses that are closing, will you be keeping your social media active for what could be several months?

Would love to hear your feedbacks. Thanks!

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Denise Hall

Denise Hall, SME Business Value Analyst. Business Broker. Exit Strategist at

Respectfully, this is the wrong question to be answering right now. If it requires an answer, then it is YES. The right question is more about how do I use social media for my business and in times like these, is this still appropiate? If no, then what can I do differently to be most relevant today? tomorrow? etc...

Jessica Osborn

Jessica Osborn, Marketing Coach & CEO at

Hi Christine (and Maree)
If the business is just closing for the short term while restrictions are in place then - YES! Definitely keep your social media accounts active. Social media's main purpose in your marketing is not sales promotion, it's for communicating and fostering strong relationships with people to build loyalty. 
Think about how you can continue the conversation with your audience during this time. How you can add value, support them or even just entertain them! 
I would also be considering what ways you can pivot your business to offer services or products remotely. Although one way is now closed, there could be other ways. What are your audience wanting to achieve? How can you help them? 
Now more than ever, social media is important but you need to adjust HOW you use it to remain relevant and appropriate. 

And if the business is closing for good - the question I would have is whether you might start up again in the future with something similar? If so then it's of value to you to keep the social media accounts. You can choose to build your audience in anticpation of launching a new business once this is all over. I would always advise to keep this asset of your business rather than close them down. 
If you absolutely have to, just put them on hold - announce you're going offline for a while but you'll be back. 

Tim Stokes

Tim Stokes, Managing Director at Profit Transformations

While we're in tough  times its also an opportunity. 
Many businesses will shut down everything marketing wise, however those that don't will gain a lot of traction with those people looking around with a lot of time on their hands so promoting your business brand is very worthwhile.

Promoition of your brand, not your products is the key. Emotionally uplifting and engaging content of what your brand is will gain favourable attention. If you look at what Amazon has released, free platform access for children, its a great gesture that will gain them positive attention.

The question is, what will you be promoting on social platforms? It requires a lot of thought.

To learn about it I recommend tuning into BoB - Business of Brand and their free webinars twice a week for the next 10 weeks where Linzi Boyd, Darren Shirlaw, Sarah Skeats and Tim Dwyer are all sharing their views about the current global changes, brand messaging and more. 

The first webinar was last night and it was excellent. Lots of examples of what can be communicated through your channels. 
Here's a post about it -