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Should you take out a business loan or dip into your super to survive COVID-19?

Is taking from super or getting a low interest COVID-19 business loan a good idea? When should you consider it? What other alternatives are there to survive the COVID-19 lockdowns?

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Nikki Williams

Nikki Williams at


We considered taking out a business loan, more or less to have a secondary backup fund if COVID was to last until 2021, but after doing a P&L with our accountant, we realised we shouldn't need to given the subsidies and assistance we're receiving from the government. We're very VERY lucky in this respect, but we're still considering if there's a way to utilise a bank loan in other ways to really get the business ahead, especially once we go back to "normal" operations. It's not often you can get unsecured loans from most lenders...

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

There are many support packages available to businesses during this time from banking support, government assistance, service providers offering assistance.  You can find more information here -

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