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How do you add reviews automatically on a website?

I would like to have an automatic thank you for orders. "If happy, it would mean a lot for us if you would leave a review etc." Not sure if Facebook reviews would be best.. Is there a way to add reviews automatically on my website?

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Mark Reisinger

Mark Reisinger, Owner at

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Hi Heidi,

If you're selling online then you will probably have an automated email that goes out to your customer on purchase. You can customise the message to send them a direct link to your Google Review page or back to Facebook page, or in other words, make it really easy for them to give a review in the first place.     

The second part of having them automatically displayed on your website is (as the other contributors have mentioned), going to come down to a 3rd party tool or plugin. I'm using Repuso, which I like for the fact that you can configure feeds from multiple sources.

Feel free to give it a try.


Vino Kumar

Vino Kumar, Managing Director at

Hi Heidi,

Please refer the below plugin, which will help you to publish your Facebook and Google reviews:


Need help, please contact us.


Vino Kumar

Samantha Ferriere

Samantha Ferriere, Owner at 19Design

Hi Heidi

My first question is what website is your platform on because you will be able to either subscribe to a "plugin" or "extension" (they are the same thing) - its a piece of code that you can connect to you
shopping cart that you can trigger an email to ask for it.

Depending on the plugin the review can automatically appear on the page of the product that they purchased or on your home page. Its up to you. Once you know your platform then look for reviews to find the best one. 

Facebook reviews are also good it depends on where you think most people will see them although on your website I believe it adds to your SEO as well. 

Good luck and reach out if you need help. We specialise in Wordpress websites.