Petra Joly

What are some clinic advertising ideas that don't flout AHPRA's restrictive advertising guidelines?

As an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, my industry is under the registration of AHPRA. The advertising guidelines for practitioners is very strict and limits us from being able to say what we can help 'treat'. With the added restrictions of COVID-19, I worry that I although I will need to advertise to build the business back up, this will not be possible due to restrictions.

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David Ansett

David Ansett, Founder at Truly Deeply

Hi Petra, I suggest you email our strategy partner Michael Hughes at Michael has worked extensively with AHPRA and will have the best scope of knowledge to help advise you with this. Regards, Dave.

Rose Davidson


Hi Petra
I make great use of social media; Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Thre is no need to pay for advertising, on any of these platforms. Organic reach is the best option If you need help with this, please reach out. Regards, Rose.

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Making use of these platforms is a great way to reach and grow your audience. Thanks @Rose Davidson 

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas, Digital Innovation Director at

Hi Petra,
While there are other ways to get the word out there, as other posters have indicated, if you do need to advertise on Facebook there are ways to be able to talk about what you can treat, once you have garnered someone's interest from the initial advertisement. This is particularly viable with the use of automated Messenger conversations. So you're able to meet AHPRA's requirements with the ad, yet also engage in finding out someone's needs and provide them with direction.
Please reach out if you'd like to discuss this further.

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Thanks @Richard Thomas - FB chatbots are great to get leads, nurture prospects, and promote your business. 

Sandy Moore

Sandy Moore, Owner and Online Strategist at

Don't panic Petra!
I'm sure you are not the only business owner asking this question and wondering how your business will sustain itself into the future.
I wouldn't worry too much about paid advertising as I'm sure every business will be thinking to advertise and get their best ROI (return on investment). Advertising will be saturated when things get back to normal. I would save your money to inject back into your business as you are going to need it.
The best advice I could give you today would be the following:
Everyone wants to be at the top of Google because as you probably already know, this is where people are searching for what you offer.
The way to get to the top is to repurpose all the awesome content you already have on your website.
Go back into your older posts like this one below and update the content so it is relevant to 2020.
The pill – a drug that we need to question
March 31, 2017
After you have updated the content on the post you can then reshare via all your social media sites.
Google will crawl your new content and put it to the top where more relevant / current posts on your subject will be so your organic traffic will be led back to your website.
Another option for businesses wanting to be found is to update all your directory listings online.
Some of these are:
au.nextdoor dot com
yellowpages dot com
You can also find more in my latest book on my website in the menu bar.

I hope this gives you a few ideas to move your business forward in 2020.

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Great advice here @Sandy Moore on repurposing your older content to make it relevant for today's environment.

Candice Meisels

Candice Meisels at

I work with a lot of medical professionals on PR because it is one of the ways that they can promote themselves without advertising. We position the medical professional as an expert in their industry and they provide the media with expert articles, comments, and interviews. The medical professional boosts their profile and uses their credibility to boost the business without advertising. 

Nikita Khera


Guest Blog Post Service

This means that AHPRA with National Boards needs to decide whether there has been a breach of your advertising obligations. As part of this process, we will use objective criteria to assess whether there is acceptable evidence to substantiate therapeutic claims in your advertising. We will use appropriate experts to help us evaluate evidence where needed.

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Thanks @Nikita Khera