Shaun Goethals
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What is the best way to get finance for software?

As a small and new business, part of what I do requires a software product that I pay for at the moment. I want to finance the software and stretch it out for a few years instead of the 12-month payment plan I'm currently on.

Has anyone had any experience in getting software finance and what are the best ways to approach getting it? Are there any finance companies that specialise in software finance?

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Gregory Ferrett

Gregory Ferrett, Editor at Monday Motivational Moment

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Hi Shaun,

I use ASM who offer awesome finance solutions for small businesses. No worries with software rental - as long as it is under $50,000

Scott McNally 0438 680 898 and mention my name.

Greg Ferrett

Wendy Huang

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Hi Shaun,

I'm not 100% on any companies that finance software, however I've noticed that a lot of the major software providers are starting to charge a monthly charge and it includes all the updates that you'll need.

One of the companies that I recently discovered doing it (even though I may be late to the game) is adobe. They Creative suite has always been exorbitantly expensive by they are doing more cost effective pay by the month solutions.

Is there any particular product you are looking for? My guess is your after an industry specific and specialised software product. Sorry I can't help much here!

Phil Joel

Phil Joel, Director at SavvySME

Shaun, what I know is that many large software / hardware companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, etc can potentially offer financing to their customers if the solution includes their products. Your product appear to be very specialised so somebody like Flexirent is unlikely going finance it.

I did find this other link which could be worth investigating:

Relion Finance


Shaun Goethals

Shaun Goethals, Director / Principal Consultant at

Thanks for your responses, the software company that I have purchased from has allowed me to pay monthly so I can use the software, but only over the next 12months they do not finance themselves, so I will need to go out to a bank or use a broker which is the hard part because being a new business you don't get much look in.

Eva Colbran

Eva Colbran, Novated Account Manager/BDM - Commercial at stratton (Stratton Finance Pty Ltd)

Software only finance is difficult to obtain, as you mentioned a new start up business as well. There are lenders who do fund software, however, they do look favourably on large commercial or registered software. ie SAP etc.

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