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The Difference Between Shared Hosting VPS And Dedicated Hosting?

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Shared Hosting: In this type of hosting, a single server will have many sites hosted. User can get single hosting solution or reseller package for the shared hosting providers. Eventully eveything this will be hosted in the same server and thus server is  shared with other hosters. This type of hosting is low cost and good for the starters, but server has limitation on resources like cpu / memory per domain hosted. So need to check  terms and conditions before joinning the service.

VPS: is a personal server / or vitual server which will be hosted in a machince which may have more VPS server hosted. In this option, user will have own server so lots of freedom on server management, tweaks and custom settings, which are not possible with share hosting. server resources like cpu / memory will be shared with other VPS user in the same machine. 

Dedicated server: User with  own dedicated server, which is a single machine with one single server dedicated to user, its is much more similar to vps, but machine resources is not shared with others. So 100% cpu . 100% memory. While in VPS if one of the vps user of the same machine has more cpu constain job, other vps user will have slow performance. 

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Ananda has given a very clear response. But as with everything, it is essential to clarify the terms used. Although Ananda is essentially correct, that does not guarantee that all providers do use the terms correctly, so it is essential that the purchaser is clear about what they are getting.