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How do you turn a quote or proposal into a sale?

Sales is not always our forte. How do you make sure your quotes and proposals are converting into clients? 

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Greg Reiffel


Follow up and be prepared to haggle (but not too hard). People get the service (from others) cheaper, does not mean that the cheaper option is always best.

Michael Simonetti

Michael Simonetti, Founder and Director at

There are a million sales techniques. You can learn and adapt the ones that work for your character, and where you can, get out of your comfort zone. I don't belive in SELL SELL SELL at all costs, although I loved Glengarry Glen Ross, it isn't my style. In the end, you work out your conversion rate, then either learn to improve it, or work within it. Improving is changing your style to suit the market, working within it is identifying the clients more aligned with your product or business, then focusing your efforts on them.