Kevin Mallen
Kevin Mallen, Business Development Manager at Virtual Coworker

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Are discounts offered in your newsletter effective?

Hi everyone,

Curious what your opinion is on newsletters that contain service/product discounts. 

My feeling is that people love saving money, and are more likely to open and share your newsletter if there are discounts involved. 





1 Answer

Tim Greig

Tim Greig Owner at Green Galah Pty Ltd

Everyone is discounting, Kevin, to the point where we don't even notice half the time.Try offering some real value, knowledge or whatever. I don't know your business. You can slop around in the bottom of the barrel or you can stand out from others by charging for amazing service, an awesome product or great team members. Or all three. 

Greg Tomkins

Greg Tomkins , Director | Web Architect at Top Left Designs

Hey Tim - been a while since we spoke... you are correct but I would like to add that as soon as you discout you are immediately sending out a couple of different messages...

1. You were overcharging before
2. You don't value your own services / products
3. You are in dire straights

Be very careful about discounting... my suggestion is keep yrouproucts at the same price but offer some value add service. The exception may however be for clearing out old or redundant stock. If you are doing this explain very clearly the reason for yur discount and don't say end of season sale or EOFY ! Your market is probably not going to tbe that naive...