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What should be included in a Facebook posting policy?

I need help to develop a posting policy for the FB page of a business organisation. I'm trying to avoid a situation where the page degenerates into a free ad page/notice board e.g. the local estate agent posting houses for sale, or the insurance agent putting up endless disaster/flood/fire story links. Do you know where I can find something to use for reference – a written example or your own direct experience?

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Shaun Goethals

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Hi Steven,

Found a few quick resources that could be a start.

This is an example blogging policy from same site above.

See how you go.

I have a bit of experience in this area as I worked in education and it was a requirement to have both student and staff protected and the school protected from their activities.  So as an example one policy would ensure that all staff Facebook profiles met a minimum security level so that students would not be able to access personal details etc.

Depending on the size of the organisation you are helping there are also products that provide these solutions, but mostly aimed at the small to medium enterprise.

Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

Thanks Shaun, that's a great list from the Social Media Governance site. I shall take some time to go thru those that might shed light on my concerns. Appreciated.

Matthew Waring

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Hi Steven, Hope the above post gave you some assiatance. if you are after a professionally drafted policy, we can assist. We have a social media policy that we can supply you that will give you everything you need to regulate social media use at work and matters arising from such use. In addition, you may need to consider further policies depending upon the size of your business. We would be happy to assist.