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Any Australian agencies to help sell a website advertising space?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if you guys know any agencies that will help you sell website advertising space even if you're a smaller blog/website.


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James Norquay

James Norquay, SEO Director at

Well I use to work in big ad agencies.

The thing is you are probably better trying to sell your ad space direct to the company. I know some larger Australia niche sites do that with the ad agencies I have worked at in the past. Only thing is you will need a sales team to do this.

Or you can use a network like Adconion for example...

Leah Gibbs

Leah Gibbs, Business Owner at

I have two solutions for you.

For a more professional approach sign up to the newly launched AdSlot Marketplace, I use this for http://www.workathomemums.com.au - AdSlot take a percentage of sales

For a niche blogger you may like to try Passionfruit Marketplace, I am using this for http://www.lifestylecareers.com.au Passionfruit you can pay by the month and there is a small processing fee

Hope this helps